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Clipily is the most economical solution for your image editing needs. With a service offering meticulous image masking solutions, there’s no need to let poor backgrounds hinder your production process.

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Image Masking

Image Masking services

Image masking and alpha masks are powerful tools in Photoshop that are used to hide or reveal specific parts of an image. Image masking involves the application of a mask, which can be thought of as a digital stencil, over the image. This mask allows for precise control over the visibility of different portions of the image. It is particularly useful when dealing with complex images that contain elements like fur, hair, or transparent objects where standard selection tools fall short.


In contrast, a clipping path is a vector path used to separate objects from their background or layer. This technique is often used when you want to display just one object or part from an entire picture.


While both methods aim at separating an object from its background, they work best under different circumstances. Clipping paths are ideal for sharp-edged images while image masking works best for complex images with intricate edges around subjects like hair and fur.

Mastering the Art of Image Masking

Unleash the full potential of your visuals with Clipily’s Image Masking Services. Navigate through the complex world of background removal with our expert techniques, perfect for complex images requiring precision and subtlety. Transform your visuals into striking representations that capture attention and convey clear messages.

The Dual Power of Clipping Paths and Image Masking

Understand the nuanced differences between clipping paths and image masking with Clipily. Whether it’s sharp, simple edges or intricate details like hair and fur, we offer tailored solutions to ensure your images stand out with clarity and professionalism, fitting perfectly in any desired backdrop.

Why Outsourcing to Clipily Enhances Your Image Quality

Delegate your photo editing needs to Clipily and witness a transformation in your images. Our skilled graphic designers provide personalized attention to each project, enhancing your visuals while allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business. Discover the convenience and efficiency of outsourcing with us.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Every Need: Clipily's Pricing Model

Experience top-tier image masking services without breaking the bank. Clipily presents a clear, affordable pricing structure that caters to varying levels of complexity, from simple personal portraits to intricate group shots, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

The Essential Role of Image Masking in E-Commerce Success

Elevate your e-commerce game with Clipily’s image masking expertise. Adhere to platform standards and enhance product visuals with our background replacement and detailing services. Make your product images pop on a pristine white background, captivating your audience and boosting sales.

Specialized Services for Every Detail: Clipily’s Photo Editing Masking Expertise

Delve into the world of detailed photo editing with Clipily’s specialized masking services. From fur and hair to translucent objects, our comprehensive range covers every need. Trust our team to refine your images, highlighting their best features while maintaining natural elegance and realism.

Prices and image complexity


Image Masking 1-2 persons / objects

$2.9 / Image


Image Masking 3+ persons / objects.

$4.9 / Image

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    Processing images since 2009, ensuring high quality and precision with every image.

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    We're here for you anytime you need us - 24/7 live chat support with our dedicated team.

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